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Is It Already Over ~ Oomph of the Day 30

candles burningHow did 30 days go by so quickly, My Dears?

Today, I took a picture of a candle in my kitchen as the “pic of the day.”

I LOVE candles. 

There’s something about the flame that’s so vibrant and energetic.

As I pondered the last 30 days, I thought about how very grateful I am.

Grateful for each beautiful memory.

And grateful for YOU for taking this journey with me.

I appreciate each of you and your time and your comments and just for being special you.

Thank you ~ from the bottom of my heart.

What was your Oomph of The Day? Please comment below!

Love, Laura

Furry Critter Fun ~ Oomph of the Day 29

kitty funOur kitty, Gabby.

Well, she’s not really a “kitten.” More like an 11-year-old cat.

Still, she brings us so MUCH joy.

I know I probably sound like a crazy cat lady…and maybe I am.

She loves to play with paper (hence the photo). She likes her little mousies.

My daughter and I often “put voice” to what we imagine her thoughts are.

“Oh, you again? I’m not even going to give you a hint of attention ~ no matter how many times you say kitty.”

“Unless you’re going to feed me, I really don’t understand the reason for your existence.”

We laugh at her so often (don’t tell her that, though. I’m sure she’d be unimpressed.)

We are very lucky to share our home and love with her.

Do you have a little furry being in your life? Please comment below!

Love, Laura

I Love Babies ~ Oomph of the Day 28

Baby GeorgeToday, I was lucky enough to catch up with my friend, Sonja of Fresh Betty Lifestyle.

And doubly lucky that she brought her baby boy, George, along for the ride.

He’s five months old.

She tells me he’s not too keen on strangers.

However, he LOVES me.

Both times I’ve seen him, I get to hold him, smile with him, laugh with him.

We belong to the mutual adoration society.

I love babies so it gives me a fix that I haven’t had in quite some time. (My daughter is 17 and twin nieces are 9 so it’s been a while.)

Babies are just so cuddly and loving and new and sparkly. I can’t get enough.

What was your Oomph of The Day? Please comment below!

Love, Laura

That Good Ol’ Neighborhood Restaurant ~ Oomph of the Day 27

Lu at LakesideSo bittersweet.

Tonight, my daughter and I visited a restaurant that’s been in business since 1946.

Sadly, it’s closing next year.

One family has owned it this entire time.

The daughters and son of the couple that started it are running it now.

The daughters are real wise-crackers. In fact, they wear t-shirts that say “Lakeside Club ~ where the customer is always wrong.” Ha!

Anyway, it’s a landmark in Mahtomedi, Minnesota.

It’s still got that ’40s vibe going and the food is delicious.

I’m sad to see it go and that’s why we’ll visit until more often until that day comes.

Did you ever have a treasured restaurant in your neighborhood that closed? Please comment below!

Love, Laura

Guilty Pleasures ~ Oomph of the Day 26

domino'sWe all have guilty pleasures, right?

I’ll share with you a recent one of mine.

Domino’s Pizza.

It’s even MORE guilty because I hated Domino’s for YEARS.

Their reputation has been a little rocky at times.

However, my daughter LOVES Domino’s.

So to appease her, I ordered pizza from them a few years back.

It was okay.

But I’ve refined my pizza order since then and guess what?

For Domino’s, I think it’s divine.

It is: hand-tossed crust, light on the robust tomato sauce, bacon, jalapeño  peppers, mushrooms, roasted red peppers, hot sauce, mozzarella and parmesan cheese. Yum!

So…tonight, I ENJOYED a guilty pleasure.

Do you have a guilty pleasure (and could it possibly be worse than Domino’s)? Please comment below!

Love, Laura

Hooked on Motivation ~ Oomph of the Day 25

Joel Osteen RadioYesterday, I met a friend for lunch.

She told me about a show she’s been listening to on Sirius XM Radio.

It’s a new channel that features Joel Osteen. (Channel 128 for those that want to check it out.)

I’m a big fan of his books.

So I decided to give it a try on my way home.

Since then, it’s the only thing I’ve played in my car.

I’m hooked.

I love the way he focuses on being a better person and having positive expectation of your life.

I think that anyone can benefit from his broadcasts ~ no matter if you believe in God, Source Energy, the Universe or no higher power at all.

I am loving me some Joel Osteen!

What was your Oomph of The Day? Please comment below!

Love, Laura

Silly Socks ~ Why Not? ~ Oomph of the Day 24

silly donut socksHave you ever purchased something you didn’t really NEED but simply could not resist?

I’m sure that brings to mind at least a few things over the years, right?

Well, it happened to me and my daughter.

Donut socks.

You heard right: Donut socks.

She didn’t really need any new socks. Plus, they were $6.99.

But, she will smile every time she puts them on and glances down at her feet.

I’ll smile when they come through the laundry (and maybe get a craving for a pastry but that’s okay).

What’s that worth?

More than $6.99 ~ in my book.

Do you have an item in mind that makes you smile when you wear, use or look at it? Please share in the comments below!


Turkey Soup for the Soul ~ ha ~ Oomph of the Day 23

turkey soupDo you have a family tradition that includes a comfort food that you don’t get very often but sooooo appreciate when you do?

For me, that is ~ without a doubt ~ my mom’s turkey soup.

She makes it once a year. The Sunday after Thanksgiving.

It is like liquid gold to my daughter and me.

We morph into “greedy little goblins” and try to make a case for ourselves getting a bigger portion than anyone else.

This year, it worked. We probably squeaked an extra bowl or two out of her. :)

Anyway, it’s a tradition for my daughter and I to join my mom and spend the afternoon together.

And that time is even BETTER than the soup.

Do you have a family tradition or food like this? Please comment below!

Love, Laura

Ahhhhh ~ Oomph of the Day 22

massage treatment roomToday, I had a hot stone massage.

In order so that I could truly relax, I got up and did all my Saturday “chores” first.

Because I knew I’d be in the “jello zone” afterwards.

It was truly divine.

As Julie at Indulge worked her magic, I was SO very grateful.

It’s a blessed experience for both my BODY and SOUL.

As I’m writing this, I still feel like I’m in the third dimension. Ha!

What was your Oomph of The Day? Please comment below!

Love, Laura

Do You Remember Wham!? ~ Oomph of the Day 21

last xmasDo you remember the song “Last Christmas” by the British duo, Wham!?

I do.

Today, they came out with a 30th Anniversary Edition on vinyl.

I was unaware of this very important event. (In fact, it sort of made me feel old.)

However, my daughter wasn’t.

She LOVES everything ’80s ~ including Wham!

I found out that the launch of this album was EXTREMELY limited.

Wham! did a great service to the small record store with this release.

The only albums were available there. I love this! No on-line sales. No Best Buy.

I never go out to shop on Black Friday.

But today, I did.

Luckily, I found a copy (they only had 2 and had sold their first one at store opening) at Barely Brothers in St. Paul where the salespeople/owners are beyond friendly and helpful.

I got my heinie in the car and sped over there.

And THIS will be under the tree this year.

I know she’ll be delighted. I feel good knowing I supported the little guy ~ on Black Friday of all days.

What was your Oomph of The Day? Please comment below!

Love, Laura