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 The people around me are noticing the positive changes!
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I was so fortunate to find out that Laura was offering systems coaching at exactly the moment I desperately needed it. I was making strides in many important areas of my life but still felt like I could use extra help getting myself to actually stay on track with daily tasks and long-term projects.
Often, I would take one step forward and two steps back because I didn’t have the systems in place to consistently work toward all my goals.
Once I started working with Laura, I immediately recognized some of the systems I had been wanting to implement but never took the time to fully learn and apply. Laura made it so easy.

Not only did she take the time to help me understand why I needed to do them, she physically helped me by sending me materials I could use immediately.

Now I have a systematic approach to help me tackle reoccurring activities as well as special situations. The more I institute these systems the closer I get to my vision for my family, my company and my life. What’s even better, the people around me are noticing the positive changes!

Christine Bearse, Co-Founder, VBBA Direct
I’m thrilled and feel so much lighter!
Before working with Laura at Pink Spark Systems, I felt so overwhelmed and pretty much lost in all the minutia that comes with running a successful online business. I felt stuck and was never able to get to everything that needed to get done in a typical day. 
Laura was so encouraging and knew exactly what to do. She knew what was a priority, what I should keep doing and what I could toss. There wasn’t anything I could tell her or say that surprised her. She had an answer for everything that I faced and totally ‘got me’. She helped me simplify and organize so many areas of my business, many I didn’t even know there could be a system for! 
I’m thrilled and feel so much ‘lighter’. I have fantastic new systems in place and am continuing to set more up. I know what to say and do when certain situations arise. I don’t have to ‘recreate the wheel’ every time. What a relief!
My biggest take away is that my business can run much simpler and easier and more efficient. Laura showed me that it doesn’t have to be difficult to systemize things and she taught me how. I’m excited to continue to add more systems to more areas of my business, with Laura’s help, of course. 
Thank you, Laura! 
Barbara Deckmeyer
Marketing . Mindset . Interior Design
I have time to grow. It’s not overwhelming anymore.

I’ve just completed Laura Smith’s business systems training course and I am so pleased with how it has changed my business. I met Laura at the height of my disorganization. My office looked like a tornado had passed through. I didn’t want to go in there because it stressed me out. It would take as much as an hour to locate products, packing materials and write invoices. I was frequently distracted by emails and phone calls and wasn’t growing my business because I didn’t have time.

Sharon Johnson PicAs we finished each module of the training, I embraced the systems. The first thing I did was empty my office and start with a clean slate. I added shelving and labeled everything. I now have a packaging/mailing station. Products are in separate bins and all of my inventory is in an online file. When I get an order, I enter it into my inventory tool, print the invoice, pull product and package it up in less than 3 minutes.

My email no longer distracts me. My days are ordered, well-planned and I even have time to take care of me! I plan large projects and get something done on them every day and I have FREE time! That means I have time to grow. It’s not overwhelming anymore.

I would highly recommend Laura’s training for all home-based business owners. Your business shouldn’t drive you. You need to have control!  I will never regret investing the money in ME. Life is so much better now and I know where everything is. Can’t ask for more than that ~ to give you peace.

Sharon Johnson, Director ~ BeautiControl ~ www.beautipage.com/sharon m johnson

What current clients are saying:
  • “I really feel the load has been diminished ~ the overwhelming load. I can’t tell you how grateful I am for all of this. My workload has diminished to almost nothing. Ding ~ ding ~ ding and it’s done. I have residual income daily and I now have the time to take advantage of opportunities (like public speaking) because there’s no more drudgery!” ~ Sharon J.
  • “The module on taming the email monster was brilliant and awesome!” ~ Gayle C.


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